VEDA- Luxury Wedding Destination

Making it Exceptional !

When undiluted luxury is combined with overwhelming hospitality, it makes for an event to remember. Such a event is the promise of Veda - The Luxury destination for weddings and corporate events

Located just 10 mins drive from the Airport ,veda is an event destination which is easily accessible & an ideal location for all memorable celebrations.
The luxurious premises offers 13 acres of prime space providing 2 large venues with centralized air conditioning and over 1 lac sq.ft of parking area

Rig Veda- A space of contemporary splendor covering 35000 sq.ft with a center height of 30 ft.

Veda - A space of rich,royal magnificence covering 60000 sq.ftwith a center height of 36 ft.

It's a perfect venue for Brand launches, Thematic Events, Premium Concerts, Weddings,cocktail events, Social Get-togethers and many more.
We have the space to fit in all your event requirements.