Yash Agrawal

The life of an event planner always gave me the chills, as a young child I developed an interest in the field of events and that’s what willed me to make a career out of it!A life that’s exciting and with no monotony! I joined Touchwood in the year 2013, and ever since then i have been a joy and an asset to the company!Now, I am working as an Associate Director , to the company and heads the decor division! With an expertise at both international & destination weddings in the country! Positive approach and a calm attitude is what makes me a gem !

Be it Entertainment, corporate events, Decor or wedding management, she has done it all. With her expertise of handling national and international weddings over the past 15 years, Sweety has created a niche in the industry with her utmost dedication and hard work. she heads wedding management division and her mantra for success is “Detailing and planning is the key “which helps team to achieve the desired results.

Her journey of making a transition from a small town to a big megacity wasn’t any different from a ship finding its way in the eye of the storm. Everything was so different and new that there was a lot to learn.
In a career spanning over 7years, she’s conducted 150+ weddings around the world. Creativity is herstrength. Life at one time felt better than the best of dreams. She’s had the pleasure of meeting and working with the leaders of various fields in the most exotic of locations.

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